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Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, Maurice Hindle Why do I do this to myself? This is part of my read-one-classic-novel-a-month challenge. 3 books in (I am already behind) and I have not enjoyed any of them.As a narrator, Frankenstein waxes poetically about the scenery for pages, and pages, and pages. Then, when he has gotten his fill of that, he whines about how only he has suffered. He reminds me of a guy I knew once called Can't Beat Earl, no matter what the other characters go through - Victor has to point out how much WORSE he has had it. I am willing to suspend belief on Frankie-Baby managing to re-animate a corpse (which he made GIANT for some reason) but there are a few instances of whatthefuckery1) The monster manages to teach himself to speak, and not just to speak but to speak French, eloquently, by eavesdropping. DAAAAMMMNNN I actively participated in French class for years and I can't speak shit.2) The monster manages to teach himself to read with 3 books and again, by eavesdropping3) The monster manages to subsist for most of the novel on berries and roots (did we mention he is giant) 4) When he kills the younger brother there are marks on his throat and the townspeople convict a girl based on circumstantial evidence - um, how bout you check to see if her hands were big enough to make the marks, I'm willing to bet on NO.5) After dumping body parts in the ocean Frank-the-Tank FALLS ASLEEP IN THE BOAT?! WTF?!6) Frank-O-Man manages to escape a murder rap? Does no one notice that people keep dropping dead around him and he blames a monster that NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE?7) Frank-tastic decides that even though the monster has threatened everyone he cares about, he won't bother to actually WARN any of them, in fact, on their wedding night - he sends Elizabeth off on her own while he ......... thinks? I don't recall him ever actually DOING anything to fight off the monster.I could go on, and on, and on but then I would start to sound like FrankenWhine.I am beginning to regret this challenge...