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The Shadow of the Wind - Lucia Graves, Carlos Ruiz Zafón I read this book for my book club. When it was suggested, I was very interested by the premise of a young boy fascinated by books who stumbles upon a mystery. The book, however, did not live up to my expectations. It was very slow going. I found the main character tedious and boring. It was clear rather early on that nearly every male in the book wanted to boink every single female he came across (and/or beat the crap out of them). The setting did nothing for me and I cared little to nothing about the constant references to "the war". When things started to fall apart, I took a sneak peak at a few reviews. They assured me that there would be shocking revelations that would make my patience worthwhile. When these started to come to light, my reaction was much less "OH MY GOD!" and much more "WTF, I figured that out 200 pages ago". Note to authors if you introduce a character who doesn't know who is father is who then a) is taken in by a relative stranger with a penchant for sleeping around and b) falls in love with the daughter of this man - I am going to assume immediately that the dude is his father and he is boinking his sister - this no longer constitutes a mystery. The only redeeming factor in this book: The hope that the Cemetery of Forgotten Books actually exists - I want to live there.