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A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison The beginning of this book was so slow going that I made up a drinking game:Drink Whenever:- You are reminded of something that happened in the past (long series - lot of past events to explain)- The author uses the word Moulage (WTF Harrison? Word of the day much?)- Rachel feels guilty- Rachel whines about her magic (or lack thereof)- Rachel whines about her friends- Rachel whines about her love life- Rachel does something INCREDIBLY STUPID (like forgetting to check her gun is working, or that the guy she knocked out is actually knocked out, or running off on her own, leading to the next point)- Rachel gets herself captured- Vampire Pheromones are mentioned- Rachel worries about Jenks being cold- Rachel mistrusts the good guy and trusts the bad guyI could have made a much longer list but by the time I was a quarter through the book I would be Jersey Shore drunk and, while my infant son was sleeping I didn't think he would appreciate waking up to Snookie passed out on the couch muttering "Moulage" over and over. If you can push through the first half of the book it does get better after Rachel takes off the stupid bracelet and starts listening to Trent. It was a decently enjoyable read but, I didn't see much character growth or story progression. In a series as long running as this, we already know the characters and the world building has already been established. As such, I expect the author to use her 400+ pages in order to move the larger storyline along rather than let our characters sit stagnant.